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How to Detoxify Your Home for Spring

Purging our homes of winter dust and gunk is a refreshing way to welcome the season. But to help you go beyond cleaning, Michelle W. Book, in-house holistic nutritionist at the Canadian Health Food Association, says there are three chemical-laden hotspots in your home to look out for. These areas need a detox even more …

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Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Fall is the ideal time for throwing an outdoor birthday party since the weather is crisp and kids are eager to spend time with their friends outside of school. Today, parents are fortunate to have more options for kids’ parties than ever before that go far beyond the classic at-home bash. As you plan your …

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Summer Science Education – 5 Tips For Parents to Promote Science With Their Children

Summer is on the way and school is almost over. How do we keep our children interested in science during these warm months when learning is the last thing on their mind? Stock up on Educational Toys. Educational toys are a great way to keep children learning all summer long. Rock and mineral kits, butterfly …

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Fairy Tea Party Planning, Ideas, Recipes, and Games

Fairy tea parties are fun for the young & the young at heart. Little girls love tea parties and adding fairies to your theme makes them all the more delightful. ~ INVITATIONS ~ Let your creativity flow for invitations. You can add scrapbooking embellishments, glitter or sequins to computer printed invitations, or create your own …

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Essential Tips for Building a Soapbox Car with Your Kids

Looking for an entertaining and educational project you can do with your kids? Ever heard of a soapbox derby? Back in the day, soapbox derbies were a popular activity among adolescents. The actual soapbox cars were typically made from apple crates and roller-skate wheels. With good construction and the help of gravity, soapbox cars can …

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Parenting 101: How to Know if My Baby Is Teething?

The teething process is not the same for every baby. For one, cutting a tooth can happen overnight without pain or discomfort, while another child might have to endure a long, drawn out and painful experience. Unfortunately, teething troubles can lead to sleep deprivation and irritability for both babies and parents. All parents can agree …

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Tips and Tricks for Coping with a Colicky Baby

Any new parent will tell you that there is almost nothing more unnerving than a baby that won’t stop crying. Those glass-shattering howls that keep parents up at night can make it seem like your baby is inconsolable and can be a difficult challenge for exhausted new parents to face. Colic is one of the …

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How to Soothe a Teething Baby?

A baby’s first year is full of joy and giggles, but there will also be days when your wee one is cranky and crying. The irritability and achiness that accompanies the teething stage of development can sometimes be more painful for parents than for your infant. Symptoms can include trouble sleeping, sore gums, and loss …

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Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas For Kids

The origins of Valentine’s Day may be steeped in mystery, but by now, it has become one of the most commercial days of the year. In fact, after Christmas, there are more cards for Valentine’s Day than for any other. Like it or not, it’s unavoidable, and sooner or later your kids are going to …

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Teaching Kids About Bees – Fun Tips and Ideas

A lot of kids find bees fascinating and frightening at the same time. Because bees have the ability to sting, most kids have a healthy respect for these interesting insects. It’s important to teach kids about bees so they can appreciate them, and also so they won’t be afraid of them. Since children are naturally …

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