Category: Between Parents

Sep 14

A Poem by Helen Keller

I am ghostwriting a few chapters on child development right now and found that I needed to fact check a few of the points that I was writing this weekend. I have boxes upon boxes of reference materials as well as all my notebooks and textbooks from when I was in college. I was extremely …

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Aug 15

The Last Days of Summer

Today it was official, we took down the pool so it has to be the last day of summer. Okay, maybe the last day of summer is officially on September 21st and the last day of summer vacation isn’t until Monday but you can definitely feel the days winding down into a new schedule. Already …

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Jul 01

Between Parents: Lamenting the Loss of a Tooth

I was all set to write about that horrible stage in development when you need to have “The Talk.”  You know the one about the birds and the bees but then I was making dinner last night and my oldest son yelled out, “My tooth is really loose!” Oh, no! I knew that this day …

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May 01

Media Influences: Weight

  Last night I took an hour to myself to watch America’s Next Top Model.  Yes, I watch it every week and only started watching it during the last “cycle”.  I say I watch it because I have an interest in fashion and it gives me some names to look into but let’s face it…there …

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Mar 27

Teaching Family Values Conclusion

Welcome to the final post that I will be making on the topic of morals and family values. I’m sure you are more than ready to move onto a new topic and tomorrow I will have a great recipe for you to use at home. But back to our topic on teaching morals and family …

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Mar 25

Family Values, Part Two

If you remember, yesterday I talked about things that we are teaching our children without even realizing it. I guess I should say that I was actually ranting but you’ll forgive me my flaws. I am after all human and as both a human and a parent I am allowed my foibles. Actually, parents are …

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Mar 24

What are we teaching our kids?

As Easter drew near, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up a few things, and ended up having to go grocery shopping on Saturday; the day before Easter!  I knew it was going to be a horrible day for shopping, but I gritted my teeth and headed out anyways.  I was completely right.  The store …

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Sep 01

The Third Degree of Motherhood!

The Third Degree of Motherhood! Is this third pregnancy a meticulously-planned, Billings and NFP-assisted, conception? Is it an oops, we did it again glitch? Is it an Elastoplasts Baby? Do you believe it will be “third time lucky” for a baby of a different gender from the two you already have? Or is it your …

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