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Feb 07

Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas For Kids

The origins of Valentine’s Day may be steeped in mystery, but by now, it has become one of the most commercial days of the year. In fact, after Christmas, there are more cards for Valentine’s Day than for any other. Like it or not, it’s unavoidable, and sooner or later your kids are going to …

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Oct 23

Got Fright? Kids’ Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for a fun – and safe – way to celebrate Halloween with your children? Try throwing a Halloween party, loaded with lots of fun games! There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than throwing a party for your children and their friends! But how will you keep them busy? Try some of these classic …

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Oct 18

10 Important Halloween Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

When it comes to Trick or Treat Halloween night, it is important to sit down with your children ahead of time, and go over some safety tips. After you discuss the tips with your child, give them a mini quiz to make sure they fully understand the importance of following your guidelines. Here are 10 …

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