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Jul 18

Summer Science Education – 5 Tips For Parents to Promote Science With Their Children

Summer is on the way and school is almost over. How do we keep our children interested in science during these warm months when learning is the last thing on their mind? Stock up on Educational Toys. Educational toys are a great way to keep children learning all summer long. Rock and mineral kits, butterfly …

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Oct 18

10 Important Halloween Trick Or Treat Safety Tips

When it comes to Trick or Treat Halloween night, it is important to sit down with your children ahead of time, and go over some safety tips. After you discuss the tips with your child, give them a mini quiz to make sure they fully understand the importance of following your guidelines. Here are 10 …

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Oct 12

Feeling Overwhelmed With Household Cleaning Tasks? Get The Family Involved!

In this day and age, we all lead very busy lives. As a mother and a wife, my typical day starts with breakfast, getting the kids ready for school, then it’s off to work only to return home 8 hours later completely exhausted. Who has time to clean? When the weekend finally rolls around, I …

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Mar 27

Teaching Family Values Conclusion

Welcome to the final post that I will be making on the topic of morals and family values. I’m sure you are more than ready to move onto a new topic and tomorrow I will have a great recipe for you to use at home. But back to our topic on teaching morals and family …

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Mar 25

Family Values, Part Two

If you remember, yesterday I talked about things that we are teaching our children without even realizing it. I guess I should say that I was actually ranting but you’ll forgive me my flaws. I am after all human and as both a human and a parent I am allowed my foibles. Actually, parents are …

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Sep 01

Lunch Box Blues

When my first child started school, I became aware that on an almost daily basis his lunchbox was still full at the end of the day. There might be a bite out of the sandwich, maybe a few grapes missing or a few carrots nibbled on but other than that I was basically unloading the …

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