Category: Preschool Development

Aug 02

Theorists of Child Development Part Three

If you can remember far enough back, I wrote both part one and two of this series on Theorists of Child Development.  My first post was about Freud and my second was about Erikson.  Today, I am going to take us closer to the end of this series and discuss Piaget.  If you are not …

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Jul 14

Theorists of Child Development Part Two

If you remember a few weeks ago, I started a post on the Theorists of Child Development and by the end of a pretty long post, I had only covered Freud and some of his theories. I did hint that I was going to move on to Erik Erikson in a few weeks and today …

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Jun 02

Theorists of Child Development Part One

When I talk about child development and all the things you can do to encourage it, the foundations of all my theories and practices are attributed to several theorists.  I know that in the day to day, most parents could really care less about who invented this or what the thread of thought was on …

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Mar 27

Teaching Family Values Conclusion

Welcome to the final post that I will be making on the topic of morals and family values. I’m sure you are more than ready to move onto a new topic and tomorrow I will have a great recipe for you to use at home. But back to our topic on teaching morals and family …

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Mar 25

Family Values, Part Two

If you remember, yesterday I talked about things that we are teaching our children without even realizing it. I guess I should say that I was actually ranting but you’ll forgive me my flaws. I am after all human and as both a human and a parent I am allowed my foibles. Actually, parents are …

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