Category: Science

Jul 18

Summer Science Education – 5 Tips For Parents to Promote Science With Their Children

Summer is on the way and school is almost over. How do we keep our children interested in science during these warm months when learning is the last thing on their mind? Stock up on Educational Toys. Educational toys are a great way to keep children learning all summer long. Rock and mineral kits, butterfly …

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Oct 25

Teaching Kids About Bees – Fun Tips and Ideas

A lot of kids find bees fascinating and frightening at the same time. Because bees have the ability to sting, most kids have a healthy respect for these interesting insects. It’s important to teach kids about bees so they can appreciate them, and also so they won’t be afraid of them. Since children are naturally …

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May 01

Cheat Sheets: Snails

It has been a while since I wrote a cheat sheet for the site so I figured it was time to do so again. Right now, I am the proud snail-sitter of about 10 snails. They will be going back into a nice spot in my yard very soon, not the garden where they were …

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Sep 01

Fun With Science: Moving Pepper

This is a very simple science experiment that can be done with children as young as 2. Basically, if they can sit still and be amazed, then they can enjoy this experiment. Before you begin any science experiment, whether you do it at home or in a classroom, you should really take the time to …

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